about me

Continuously seeking challenges and crazy mind projects to escape reality through the lens and design. Creating new sets and lighting as per inspiration and mood, each second, in order to build unique images every possible time. A cinephile, a thirsty traveller and keen on appreciating life’s little pleasures.

Amazed by colours and shadows and curious for an answer to how powerful an image is. Looking forward to living an amazing trip.

I define myself as a creative artworker. Somewhere along the way, I understood that it was okay to combine all my passions and not defy myself to follow one specific path. My aim is to be able to provide individual and business with a whole package. I want to help them -whether it’d be startups or aspirers – live up to their potential by providing a tailored service.




Adobe CC is a playground to me. Although I am just as creative at mostly everything in life, digital design surely drags me in for hours to end. Hours seem like minutes, but the options are endless and nothing satisfies me more than a captivating result that represents the client.



It started as a hobby before I decided to make a career out of it. I am now proud to say that I am a flexible photographer. I will indeed take pictures of absolutely anything. I am a lover for natural writing in-doors and artificial lighting outdoors… Alas, I do like a -not so pointless- challenge. Clear corporate photography with a twist and candid events photography are my strongest. I am also a stock photographer in the following areas: Food (I am as good at taking pictures as I am at eating!) and Travel. I like playing with moving images as much I do with stills. I have a tendency for candid, natural filming. Short and Sweet!



I may not have written any books, and I do not maintain a blog, but I am a fair keen writer. It is not only because of my degree in journalism. I have also attended Business Writing and Business Grammar courses. It comes in extremely handy when writing bids and proposals!



Listening is the first and most important part of my projects. I will not proceed before I understand what you want to achieve and discussing your needs.

Work Process







Fun Fact

18 Countries Visited

4 Fluent Languages

3 Awards Won